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2-3 Days in Jerusalem​

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Visit the Western Wall ( The Kotel) and explore the 3,000 year old City of David. Participate in a guided tour of the Kotel Tunnels and view the Temple that once stood in Jerusalem through 3-day Virtual Reality Glasses. Walk through the Jewish Quarter and on the Ramparts of the Old City. Shop and bargain in the Arab Bazaar (The Shuk) at Jaffa Gate.



Walk down Ben Yehuda Pedestrain Mall and drink Israeli coffee ( Café Hafuch) at one of the outdoor cafes. Take in the sights and smells of the outdoor Machane Yehuda Open Air Market. Spend a few hours learning about Jewish history at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Israel Museum, or the Hertzl Museum. Enjoy the crafts and music at the First Station where you can also rent bikes and ride along the original railroad tracks, built during the Ottoman Empire.



"In the Footsteps of Reb Aryeh Levine, the Tzadik of Jerusalem"-Led by his grandson, Rabbi Benji Levine, this tour will take you into the oldest of neighborhoods and communities of Jerusalem as well as to the British prision for the members of the Jewish underground. Learn about the history and characters who paved the way for Jewish Statehood. A most memorable and  personal tour!


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• One Day Add-On Tour - Gush Etzion 


Begin your day at the Multi-Media Heritage Center of Gush Etzion where you will hear the very moving account of the original settlers and how their grandchildren came back to resettle the area shortly after the 6 Day War, visit the Tzomet Institute and see how new technology is being developed to bridge modern day issues and halacha, tour the Gush Etzion Winery and sample some of their finest wines, climb the fortress of Herodian, where King Herod is thought to be buried, and taste home made cheeses at Sde Bar Farm.

Gush Etzion Winery​

Judean Desert​

• One Day Add-On Tour:

The Judean Desert Region (between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea)


Learn about the Judean Desert and its biblical connection at spectacular desert lookouts, see the 1500 year old St George Monastery built into the cliffs of the desert, ride on ATVs into the desert following experienced guides, help make the color “techelet” at the Ptil Techelet Blue Dye Factory, sit with  a local Beduin-drink tea and make pita bread while hearing about life in the desert and shepherding…swim in the refreshing natural springs of Ein Mabua, ride on camels and visit the ancient mosaic floors at the Good Samaritan Inn Mosaics Museum.

Dead Sea​

• One-Two Day Add-On Tour - The Dead Sea Route


Swim and bathe in the Dead Sea with authentic mineral mud, visit Qumran- where the Second Temple Period Jewish sect, the Essenes, built their community, take a kibbutz tour where you will taste the amazing Madjul dates and try your hand at milking cows! Ascend the desert fortress of Masada and learn the incredible story of the Jewish zealots who lived there and fought against the Romans, hike in Ein Gedi Nature Reserve home to the ibex and hyrax.

• One-Two Day Add-On Tour - Tel Aviv


Walk along the Mediterranean Sea Promenade, tour the ancient port city of Jaffa—learn its history and browse in the artist galleries. Shop at the Carmel Open Air Market and enjoy the boutiques and restaurants in the Neve Tzedek Neighborhood. Learn the story of the Templars in the Sarona Market and visit one of the famous Tel- Aviv museums - The Palmach Museum or the Rabin Center. Learn about Israeli innovation at the Taglit Innovation Center, and visit the Ayalon Institute where you will hear the fascinating story of the secret ammunitions factory built under “ a bakery” during the years leading up to the War of Independence.

Old Jaffa